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Unlocking All of Africa's Potential

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This is ZODAJ front on sustainability. we believe the healthier the planet the happier our future.

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Taken from the Yoruba word ẹkọ this is the educational platform that unlocks the entrepreneur within all of us.

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The ZODAJ Foundation

Impacting the word around us is our calling. Philanthropic efforts will allow all of us and not just a few of us to move forward.

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Our Mission

We at ZODAJ have had enough of large world organizations simply dumping money at Africa's developmental issues.

ZODAJ uses technological innovation to improve standards of living in Africa.

We focus on developing technology designed to solve Africa’s most pressing developmental problems. We hope to help all 54 countries seize the demographic window of opportunity presented by the projected population growth (an increase of 170 million people under 18 by the year 2030). ZODAJ’s core purpose is to provide the technological resources necessary for economic development in the continent.

Our mission is to give Africans the tools to help themselves.

Our Humble Beginnings

Created by a group of Carnegie Mellon University students with affinity to the continent of Africa as well as a longing to rectify its most pressing issues.

​Our founders span multiple disciplines and various backgrounds but all with the common goal of irradicating mediocrity in the development of Africa

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